Our Food & Ethos

Thai cuisine and street food have a special relationship. Bangkok is world-renowned for it’s abundance of street food stalls, cooks and traders. In fact, Bangkok’s legendary reputation results in it being referred to as the “street food capital of the world”. At Spice I Am Crawley we offer Thai street food from the northern, eastern, southern and western parts of Thailand.

Our restaurant has a relaxed and rustic feel. It’s a great place to drop by for a tasty lunch, meet with friends or take out a loved one for a meal. We think it would make for a great first date too!

Our food is fresh. Really fresh. This is a core value of street food, where many dishes such as noodles, rice, satays and stir-fries are prepared right in front of you. It’s the spirit of street food that we aim to deliver to you. We also have a great selection of Thai favourites such as curries, soups and salads.

Capturing the spirit and taste of Thai street food

Thai Street Market - Fresh Ingredients
Thai Street Market - Fresh Ingredients
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